Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson (director/radiographer) DCR(R), Cert(MAMMO), Member of SOR, HPC registered

Helen qualified in 1981 and has spent the last 32 years in radiography, both in the private sector and the NHS. She qualified from the Chelmsford and Essex School of Radiography and St. Bartholomews Hospital, London in 1981 before going to work at the Charing Cross Hospital gaining a basic grounding in all areas of radiography.

Helen, then in 1984 travelled abroad to pursue her career in the Middle East where first she was a senior radiographer in the Al-Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah United Arab Emirates and then a senior radiographer in the Al-Hada Hospital in Taif Saudi Arabia.

Helen then returned to England to work as a senior radiographer at The London Clinic and the Princess Grace Hospital. In 1997, Helen obtained her Certificate of Competence in Mammography (Cert. Mammo) from the Kings College Hospital Breast Assessment Unit. In 2000 Helen joined the west of London breast screening unit (National Health Breast Screening Programme) based at Charing Cross Hospital. Since 2002 Helen has been working at XrayXpress clinic, in a radiographic and managerial capacity. She and her husband Ian are the directors of XrayXpress.